OHS 2023 Scholarships will be held in the Ottawa area this year on April 22nd.


SCHOLARSHIP ADJUDICATION DATE/TIME: Saturday April 22nd, 2023 starting at 2pm

VENUE: Resurrection Lutheran Church 
1325 Gaultois Avenue 
Orléans, ON K1C 6G5
(east end of Ottawa)

TIME DETAILS: Participants can begin arriving at 1pm, adjudication begins at 2 pm.


HARPS: There will be three harps made available to you to play on if you are unable to bring your own:

  1. Lyon & Healy Salzedo - concert grand pedal harp
  2. Lyon & Healy style 100 - semi grand pedal harp
  3. Lyon & Healy Ogden - lever harp

Scholarship Adjudication Application Form HERE

Application Deadline: March 1, 2023

OHS 2023 Scholarship Repertoire:

Open Category - adjudication only

  • Open category for young harpists at a novice level (pre-grade 4)
    Teachers must recommend candidates for this category.
    Repertoire: own choice of one piece

Level 4 - Lever/Pedal Harp

  • BARCAROLLE by Marcel Grandjany from ‘Trois Petites Pieces’ (Alphonse Leduc)
  • Contrasting Piece: from RCM (2009) online harp syllabus Grade 4 level

Level 6 - Lever/Pedal Harp

  • TAMBOURIN by Bernard Andres from ‘Automates’ (Alphonse Leduc) - please play 1st AND 2nd endings
  • Contrasting Piece: from RCM (2009) online harp syllabus Grade 6 level

Level 8 - Lever Harp

  • NATALIANA by Deborah Henson-Conant - 2nd edition (2010) (Golden Cage Music (self published))
  • Contrasting Piece: from RCM (2009) online harp syllabus Grade 8 level

Level 8 - Pedal Harp

  • CHANSON DANS LA NUIT by Carlos Salzedo from ‘Method for the Harp’ (G. Schirmer Inc.)
  • Contrasting Piece: from RCM (2009) online harp syllabus Grade 8 level

Level 9 - Lever Harp only

  • AIR AND VARIATIONS (Harmonious Blacksmith) by George Frederic Handel, transcribed by Dominig Bouchaud from ‘Pieces Classiques pour la Harpe Celtique’ (G. Billaudot)
  • Contrasting Piece: from RCM (2009) online harp syllabus Grade 9 level

Level 10 - Pedal Harp

  • Giga by Arcangelo Corelli, transcribed by Carlos Salzedo from ‘Solos for the Harp Player’ (G. Schirmer Inc.)
  • Contrasting Piece: from RCM (2009) online harp syllabus Grade 10 level

ARCT - Pedal Harp

  • Two contrasting pieces from from RCM (2009) online harp syllabus ARCT level
    Pieces by Canadian, women, and BIPOC composers are encouraged but not mandatory.

Creative Explorations - Lever/Pedal Harp
Imrpovisation / composition (under 5 minutes)

  • Creative Explorations - Age 16 and Under (video submission only)
  • Creative Explorations - Age 17 and Older (video submission only)

Please note:
The repertoire listed above is from the RCM 2009 Harp Syllabus.
Repertoire cannot be substituted on the day of adjudication.
Repertoire not in the syllabus is subject to approval from the scholarship committee which must be granted prior to the application being submitted.

Any repertoire inquiries or other questions can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



  • Holiday Inn Ottawa East, an IHG Hotel *Closest to Resurrection Lutheran Church
    500 Brisebois Cresent, Orleans
    Phone: (613) 824-8444
  • Quality Inn
    3363 St. Joseph Blvd, Orleans
    Phone: (855) 285-6072

Near the Via Rail Station

  • Courtyard by Marriott Ottawa East
    200 Coventry Road, Ottawa
    Phone: (613) 741-9862
  • Hampton Inn by Hilton Ottawa
    100 Coventry Road, Ottawa
    Phone (613) 7411-2300



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