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The Ontario Chapter of the American Harp Society works to promote and foster the appreciation of the harp as a musical instrument in Toronto and Province of Ontario. The Society is dedicated to encouraging the composition of new music for the harp by Canadian composers and improving the quality of performance of harpists. We encourage and support young harpists through the presentation of Scholarships.

The American Harp Society is a non profit corporation, grown from the needs of harpists - performers, teachers, and pupils. Founded in 1962, membership in the Society is now over 3000 with chapters throughout the Americas, including the Ontario Harp Society.

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Exciting news!  The Toronto Harp Society has formally changed its name to the Ontario Harp Society (Ontario Chapter of AHS).
We welcome all harpists, pedal and non-pedal, throughout Ontario to be part of our membership and promotion of all that is the harp in our communities!!!  Watch for changes in our website in 2020.

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